The Oyster Guy

The Oyster Guy is a certified shellfish dealer serving the Greater Maryland Area for all your oyster and clam needs!

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The oyster guy

What we do

Sharing our passion for shellfish

The Oyster Guy is committed to bringing the hard work of local aqua farmers to surrounding communities.

For businesses and individuals

Need oysters? We got 'em. The Oyster Guy is ready to shuck 'n serve at your next event.

Full oyster service

The Oyster Guy is ready to cater oysters and clams to any event or party. From setup to takedown, you can be rest-assured that your guests will get an authentic and delicious oyster experience.

On-site shucking

We'll shuck 'em so you don't have to! Want to learn? The Oyster Guy's got you covered.

Have it your way

Enjoy your oysters the way you want: lemon, hot sauce, horseradish, we got it all. Or try The Oyster Guy's special sauce!

Helping local aqua farmers

Aiding in the distribution of local shellfish is an important mission of The Oyster Guy. We want to bring a great selection of oysters and clams from farm to table.

Guaranteed fresh

Interfacing between you and local farmers, these oysters are guaranteed to be fresh and one-of-a-kind.

Supporting the community

Doing business with The Oyster Guy means doing business for the surrounding local economies.

Better for the environment

Working with local farmers not only do you get a better oyster, your money goes towards farms that respect their community's natural resources.
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